Forget the issues, Trump promises to man-up …

I’m a political junkie, and even I got bored during the debate last night …

Yesterday, Romney (who I still think would have made a great President), Rubio (a smart policy wonk who looks like a Latino Doogie Howswer and will never shake the ‘Gang of 8’ goo off of his shoe), Cruz (who holds deep conservative principles that include cheating to win)  took their best shots at Trump and the Donald swatted them all back at them in short order.

Bottom line: Nobody cares that Trump is shallow on policy, used Trump U. to swindle some folks, sprinkled money to practically all politicians as a cost of business, or is ambivalent about Planned Parenthood.

After years of watching Obama get pushed around by loose-cannon world leaders and ISIS, many Americans just want a President who will “man-up”.  Out-bully the bullies who are taking our lunch money …

That’s the Donald.


During the debate, I was reminded of a poll taken a couple of years ago.

The question: Who is the stronger leader:  Putin or Obama ?

YouGov polled Americans on that very question. asking folks to to rate Obama and Putin – whether they are strong or weak leaders.

How would you have rated each of them: very strong, somewhat strong, somewhat weak, or very weak?



And the survey said …



78% said that Putin was a strong leader … 1 in 3 rated him “very strong”.




45% said that Obama was a strong leader …  but only 14%  rated him “very strong”.




Fast forward …

How do you think the survey would turn out if this was the choice?

trump & putin 2

Case closed. It’s as simple as that.

Maybe it’s time to out-crazy the crazies …

* * * * *
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One Response to “Forget the issues, Trump promises to man-up …”

  1. Bernardo Cabrera Y Zárate Says:

    After almost a decade of metrosexual rule, the people are now longing for higher testosterone levels.

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