John Miller for President !

Busted: WaPo sleuths drop Trump bombshell
… outs him for posing as “John Miller”


Last week, the Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post announced that it was dedicating a team of 20 “journalists” to dig dirt on Donald Trump.

Already, the commitment to truth-and-justice has hit paydirt.


What Bezos’ Ninja investigators found may – in the words of some mainstream media echoheads — “spell the end of the Trump Presidential run”.

Here’s the scoop …


The WaPO attack team uncovered an audio tape from 1991 – yes, roughly 25 years ago.

The background: People magazine wanted to interview Trump for a story following up on his recent divorce from 2nd wife Marla Maples.

I guess that People just wanted to know if Trump was able to pick up the pieces and move on with his life.  Very considerate, right?

The reporter was told that Mr. Trump was unavailable, but that she’d get a call from one of his publicists – Mr. John Miller.

Well, Mr. Miller called the reporter and informed her that Mr. Trump is doing very well, thank you.

He elaborated that the financially well-to-do and charasmatic businessman was being chased by “a HUGE number” of famous (and very hot) women … insinuating that Mr. Trump may have been intimate with some of them.


There were enough Trumpisms in Mr. Miller’s vocabulary to raise a red flag;

Perhaps, Mr. Miller was really none other than Donald Trump himself.

Trump impersonating a PR person to boast about his sexual romps.

OMG! Busted!

Clearly disqualifying for the Presidency, right?

Much more damning than, say, classified State Dept  documents on your basement server, or channeling pay-to -lay money thru a family run charitable organization.

We’re talking major scandal.

Can this man be President?


Let’s advance the story,

The People magazine reporter was on Megyn Kelly Friday night … it was a hoot.

(Keep in mind that there is no love lost between Trump and Kelly.)

Among other things, the People reporter said that she taped the call at home 25 years ago – common practice when doing an interview.

She referenced it for her article, never took it to the office, and lost it in her junk when she moved.

She laughed at the thought of dishing it to the WaPo: “I wouldn’t be able to find the tape if my life depended on it.”

Further, she hypothesized that the only other possible copy would be if Trump made a copy on his end of the conversation … and she insinuated that it was Trump who might have released the tape.

Kelly literally rubbed her temples and said: “This is making my head explode”.


Let’s summarize:

If the WaPo sleuths are correct:

Trump punked a gossip magazine reporter with tales of his sleeping with Madonna, Kim Bassinger, Carla Bruni and other of the hottest of the hot in the 1990s.

Headline news story?


Right up there with Romney driving with his family pooch strapped to the top of the family truckster.

This is hysterical.

I hope the WaPo comes up with more of this stuff … great entertainment.


Click to hear the bombhell tape



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