Dilbert asks: “Who wants a dangerous man in the White House?”

Well, not actually Dilbert … rather Dilbert’s author Scott Adams.

On his Dilbert blog, Adams took aim at the current Presidential campaign …


First, Hillary’s constant refrain that we can’t have a loose cannon in the White House.



Adam’s observation on “Dangerous Trump”:

Trump’s opponents have started making the case that he is “a loose cannon” … a “dangerous man”

You know who likes dangerous men?

Answer: Everyone.

Seal Team Six is dangerous. George Washington was dangerous. Abraham Lincoln was dangerous. Women like dangerous men. Men want to be dangerous men.

“Dangerous” borders on being a compliment. When you need to thwart some enemies – such as a useless Congress, or ISIS – you want to send in your most dangerous fighter.


From other commentators:

(1)  “Every other country with nukes has a wacko with his finger on the button.  Why shouldn’t the U.S. — just to keep things even”.

(2) “Girls like bad boys, right?  Maybe this will fix Trump’s polling with women.”


Here are a couple more of Adam’s quips …


Clinton’s Campaign Logo:

Clinton’s logo is a big “H” with an arrow pointing forward.

Someone on Twitter mentioned that it looks like a sign telling you where the hospital is.

Hillary campaign logo       Hospital arrow

Once you see it that way, you can’t see it any other way.


Clinton’s Haircut & Wardrobe:

Fashion-wise, I like Clinton’s new hairdo. I think it is her best look.

The only problem is that It reminds me of Trump’s haircut.


I like that Clinton has her own fashion look that isn’t like anyone else’s look.

Or at least I thought that way until some wag on Twitter noticed that North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un, has the same style.

Hillary - kim Jung-un


The Taco Bowl Photo:

By now you have seen the image of Trump eating a Taco Bowl on Cinco De Mayo and saying, “I love Hispanics!”

Trump taco bowl

The picture was funny, provocative, playful, and viral as all get-out.

But more importantly, every time it got retweeted and shared, more people saw a smiling Trump proclaim his love for Hispanics.

Repetition is truth.


Source: Scott Adam’s Dilbert blog …  images added by HomaFiles

Thanks to MC for feeding the lead.



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One Response to “Dilbert asks: “Who wants a dangerous man in the White House?””

  1. Alex S Says:

    I agree with your angle that HRC calling DT “Dangerous Donald” was a poor choice – his target audience will be attracted to him because of the badass anti-establishment image he has concocted for himself, and “Dangerous just reinforces it.
    Maybe “Deceiving Donald” (“Miller-gate” helps to provide evidentiary reinforcement to the latter) would have been better choices.
    Ultimately, her campaign would have been wiser to not stoop to DT’s level of name-calling.

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