Why Hillary won’t pick Warren for V.P.

Elizabeth Warren went on the warpath yesterday against Donald Trump …

“In a speech at the Center for Popular Democracy’s annual gala, the progressive stalwart took aim at Trump’s business record and populist rhetoric during a 10-minute invective.” CNN

Warren prompted pundits to elevate the prospects of a Clinton-Warren ticket.

Add some charisma and excitement to the ticket. Check!

Successful audition as an attack dog against the other party’s Presidential candidate. Check!

Lasso in some (most? all?) of Bernie’s supporters. Check!

Create a dramatic, historical all-female ticket. Check!



All good reasons why to do it.

But, there are also reasons against Hillary picking Warren …


The Pocahontas Effect

Let’s start with the most sophomoric – but still very pertinent reason.

Remember how Trump reduced Jeb Bush effectiveness by simply characterizing him as “low energy”?

Bush was never able to overcome that stigma.

How did Trump respond to Warren’s speech.

Short, simple, sophomoric and effective:

“Did you hear, Pocahontas attacked me today?”

His retort flashbacked to Warren’s history of claiming – but not proving – that she’s 1/32nd Native American … an ancestry that she allegedly pitched on her college and law school apps to get a preferential bump.

So, every time Warren attacks, millions of voters will immediately re-picture her as the Indian princess and chuckle … especially since Pocahontas bolted the tribe, married tobacco planter John Rolfe , and became a celebrity pitch person for Brits to invest in the Jamestown settlement. Wiki

Ironic, right?


The Senate Majority

When queried about the prospects of a Clinton-Warren ticket, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid had a quick, forceful answer:

“No. Hell no!” USA Today

It’s not that Reid doesn’t like Warren, it’s simple politics.

Reid dreams of the Dems regaining majority control of the Senate.

Warren’s Senate term runs until 2018.

If she were elected VP in 2016, the Republican Governor of Massachusetts would appoint her successor – most likely a Republican – flipping the seat to the GOP.

Not worth the price, especially since Mass will go for Hillary regardless of her VP pick.

Note: Reid also disqualifies liberal Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio. While he’d help in Ohio, his seat would be filled by a Kasich appointee.


The Wall Street Disconnect

Here’s one that I haven’t heard from any of the pundits …

In my opinion –the strongest argument against Hillary picking Warren for VP centers on Wall Street.

While Hillary is rhetorically attacking Wall Street, the tycoons are comfortable that they’d have a friend in the White House if she’s elected … that her rants are all political bluster.

The problem: Warren is dead serious about her disdain for Wall Street.

Warren could do some serious damage to Wall Streeters if either (1) she is able to convert Hillary to really believing that Wall Street is corrupt, or (2) ascend to Presidency if Hillary either suffers a disabling health issue (it’s happened before) or gets thrown in the slammer.

So what?

If Wall Street feels threatened, a major source of Clinton’s personal and political financial support dries up.

No way that she takes that risk …



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