Quiz time: Are YOU a low-information voter?

Everybody knows that Trump supporters are uninformed Neanderthals, right?

Well, Pew has devised a 12-question quiz to measure News IQ.

So …

If you’re a Trump supporter, take the quiz to see if the critics are right.

If you’re a No-Trumper, take the quiz to see if the uninformed shoe fits you, too.



Take the quiz … and then come back to this HomaFiles post for some interesting summary data.

Click to take the Pew News IQ Quiz.



Pew’s News IQ Quiz Results

The more than 3,000 benchmark quiz-takers answered 67% of the questions correctly.

Pre-grade inflation, that used to be a D … nowadays, it’s probably honorable mention.


Overall, folks scored highest on the MLK identification question … and lowest on the Supreme Court composition.

The latter is interesting since the appointment of SCOYUS justices is probably the single most import issue in the 2016 Presidential election.

Note that a slim majority nailed the Pope Francis & Elizabeth Warren questions.




Demographically …

Males outperformed females by a statistically significant margin.

Hmmm … who’s the candidate leading among women?

College-degreed folks scored high … to be expected

The over-30 group outperformed the under 30s.

I guess that Comedy Central doesn’t cover some of these topics



Final Shots

This was a nice try, but these aren’t the questions that I’d ask.

That said, I like the idea of an informed-voter quiz … wouldn’t it be nice if clueless folks (both left & right) only got to pull a placebo lever?

Wonder why Pew didn’t cut the demographic data by region or race … surely, they had a big enough sample.


Thanks to SGC for feeding the lead.



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