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Should all people vote … or, just those who are “informed”?

October 23, 2018

Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder whether “one man, one vote” makes sense.

Polls routinely reveal that a majority of Americans have marginal knowledge of government, politics, and political issues.

All citizens should be allowed to vote.

But, should these uninformed citizens vote? conducted a survey that queried people’s opinions on  that specific issue.



Overall, it was a split vote … with a slight plurality (46%) saying that all citizens should vote and 42% saying that only the well-informed should vote.

The results are more interesting if you drill down to the poll’s “internals”:


Quiz time: Are YOU a low-information voter?

July 18, 2016

Everybody knows that Trump supporters are uninformed Neanderthals, right?

Well, Pew has devised a 12-question quiz to measure News IQ.

So …

If you’re a Trump supporter, take the quiz to see if the critics are right.

If you’re a No-Trumper, take the quiz to see if the uninformed shoe fits you, too.



Take the quiz … and then come back to this HomaFiles post for some interesting summary data.

Click to take the Pew News IQ Quiz.


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