What if disaffected Bernie fans go Green or Libertarian?

Let’s connect a couple of dots today …

1) The DNC was caught red-handed trying to extinguish, or at least, contain Bernie Sanders.

2) The purloined emails threw some gasoline on the smoldering Bernie embers … maybe not for him, but for many of his supporters.

3) Dem-darling pollster Nate Silver says that Bernie supporters aren’t “reliable voters” …  based on historical data, they tend to stay home rather than vote for “imperfect” candidates.

4) For avid Bernie supporters who are still likely to vote, Hillary isn’t a 2nd choice … she’s part of “the problem”.

Here’s the pay-off punch:

According to yesterday’s CNN poll, the Libertarian & Green candidates (Johnson & Stein) are getting some traction  … and they’re approaching critical mass — a combined 21% — among the under 45 crowd — many of whom still feel the Bern.



Think about that for a moment …

Disaffected Bernie supporters are unlikely to bolt to Trump … but they may stay home … or, go Green or Libertarian … either as a protest vote or because they think one of those long-shot candidates can get into the debates and be a factor.

Keep your eye on the migration from Hillary to the 3rd parties.


Thanks to SMH for planting the seed.



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One Response to “What if disaffected Bernie fans go Green or Libertarian?”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    Let’s think a little more. I work with about 6 “conservative” fiends in Manassas, VA. We restore cars on the weekend as a hobby. To a man they view me as a screaming liberal. These are the same guys that instantly sported anti-Obama bumper stickers (updated after his 2nd election) and have blamed President Obama for …well, everything except the declining price of gas.

    So I asked them, are they going to vote for Trump. All except 1 insisted they were “constitutional conservatives” and they would write in Ted Cruz on their ballots. So into the mix about disappointed Burners, the Green Party and Libertarians we might want to include disaffected “constitutional conservatives”.

    I know this discussion is about Bernie supporters and do not know what the real impact of a Cruz write in campaign would be. But, based on my decidedly unscientific personal experience it could happen. What if this Cruz write in campaign got traction? In this season’s wacky political scene I feel the write in campaign is probably about as likely as a resurgence of a traditionally hyper-marginal Green Party.

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