Did Comey outsource Hillary’s prosecution to Putin?

Did Comey punt to American voters: let them decide if Hillary is guilty and whether it matters?

The DNC email flap has given rise to another possible adjudicator- designate: the Russians.



For the record, HomaFiles was early on to this one.

The day after Comey dished Hillary her stay-out-of-jail-free card – we posted:

The Russians claim to have Hillary’s emails in their possession.

What if they release a couple of damning ones?

See Why did Comey choke on the biggest decision of his career?


Let’s flashback …


In his remarks, Comey said that the FBI found no specific evidence that Clinton’s private email server was hacked by “hostile actors” … but, that it was “highly likely”.

Gotta believe that the DNC computers were at least as secure as Clinton’s bathroom server, right?

Taunting the “hostile actors”, former CIA Director Michael Hayden said that he’d “lose respect for any serious intelligence agency on this planet if they had not accessed the emails” on Clinton’s server.

Strikes me as reasonable that the Russians have a pile of Hillary’s emails … even the deleted ones.


So now, attention is shifting to (1) how sensitive is the info that the Russians are holding? … and (2) when (and why) will they release it?

As the WSJ put it:

Before or after she takes the oath, foreign agencies may begin posting unredacted versions of the censored emails the State Department has been publishing.

They may post nonpersonal “personal” emails the State Department has never seen.

They may post fake “deleted” emails that Mrs. Clinton would be unable to prove are fake.

Expect a constant drip-drip-drip between now and November.

If there is, it will be distracting to the Clinton campaign, for sure.

And, it will make  Comey’s “no harm, no foul” ruling look pretty silly.


The FBI cyber-sleuths are on the DNC email case.

Wonder if they’ll find “direct evidence of criminal intent” this time?

If not, Comey will have to give the bad guys a pass, right?



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