Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Headline in Drudge: “Grandma helped up stairs.”

In this 2016 picture, a frail –looking Hillary Clinton – who has a history of injuries from falls (including at least one concussion) – hobbles up a flight of stairs with the assistance of Secret Service agents and aids.


Poignant imagery, right?

The mainstream media will likely bury the picture.

But, I fully expect Trump to ask:

“Is she even physically able to handle the Presidency?”


Before you claim “foul”, there’s a Presidential precedent …


President Gerald Ford once slipped getting off Air Force One.

The incident became a running joke on Saturday Night Live … and, more important, was used by the press as a metaphor for his ineptness (as calibrated by the media, of course).




As the original Grandma Homa used to say:

“What goes around, comes around.”

Still, I’m betting the under on the mainstream media publisheing the picture.



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