Gut check: Which Presidential candidate REALLY shares your views?

Dare to take the “ I Side With …”  Presidential  Quiz.


This is a very interesting online quiz from a group called “I Side With …”.

In a nutshell, you just sign on to the site and answer a battery of multiple choice questions in a variety of categories, e.g. foreign policy, social issues, science.  It takes 10 or 15 minutes to make it through the questions.


I thought the array of questions was appropriately comprehensive … and the answer choices were fair (i.e. nothing tricky or embarrassing ).

Some of the questions made me pause to check my gut on where I stood on some issues.

That alone made the quiz worthwhile.

After answering all the questions, answers are matched against the candidates’ positions.


And, which candidate did I match most closely?


No surprise …

The computer says that my positions have an 86% match Donald J. Trump … followed relatively closely by a 77% match to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.




Now, it’s time for your gut check.

Click to take the quiz



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2 Responses to “Gut check: Which Presidential candidate REALLY shares your views?”

  1. SJ Says:

    I side 88% with Darrell Castle, 84% with Trump . . . and 4% with Hillary, ha ha, a little bit polarized.

  2. John Milnes Baker Says:

    I’m 95% Trump. No surprise. What surprises me is that Hillary is supposedly ahead of Trump in the polls but is very low on this exercise. It probably says more about Ken’s reader’s than anything else. Go read Michael Goodwin’s piece today – Trump might still make it if ONLY ………..

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