Isn’t an “exit tax” kinda like a wall?

Watching the Olympics last night, I was sneak-exposed to a Hillary jobs ad.

The 3 point plan: (1) make everybody pay a fair share – where, of course,  ‘everybody’ is shorthand for ‘somebody who is not you, so cheer’ (2) ‘invest’ in infrastructure – where ‘invest’ means overspend on poorly managed government projects using Cadillac-planned union workers and (3) institute an “exit tax” to keep companies from leaving the U.S.


It was the exit tax that caught my eye … partially due to the ads placement in the Olympics and because Trump gave his economic speech a few hours earlier.

Here’s why …


Trump’s plan is to lower the corporate tax rate to 15% … a pretty standard rate around the world.

The implication: companies would have no incentive to move out of the U.S. and would have an incentive to bring their foreign cash stockpiles back to America.

More of a carrot than a stick (it to you).

Hillary’s plan: make companies that want to relocate to lower tax locales pay a punitive tax penalty on their way out.



Here’s the Olympics connection.

For some odd reason, one country’s patch reminded me of the one from defunct East Germany.

You know, the East Germany that had the wall to keep citizens from leaving the country.

The East Germans imposed a severe exit penalty on citizens: get shot dead if you get caught jumping the wall.


Trump’s wall to secure the border and enforce our immigration laws gets widespread hoots and jeers.

Isn’t Hillary’s exit tax simply a financial wall to keep corporate-citizens in against their will?

How about some hoots and jeers for that wall?



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