Hillary Clinton: fashion icon … say, what?

An article in this weekend’s Washington Post made me belly-laugh …. and gives me a chance to dig a tidbit out of the archives.

Here’s the headline:


According to WaPo:

The Democratic presidential nominee is, by no means, the typical fashion icon, not in the manner of an actress, a musician or even First Lady Michelle Obama.

But it is hard to deny her influence, whether direct or indirect — on so many designers.


Reminded me of  a post by Scott Adams — Dilbert’s author — on his Dilbert blog


Adam’s observation on Hillary’s Haircut & Wardrobe:

Fashion-wise, I like Clinton’s new hairdo. I think it is her best look.

The only problem is that It reminds me of Trump’s haircut.

I like that Clinton has her own fashion look that isn’t like anyone else’s look.

Or at least I thought that way until some wag on Twitter noticed that North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un, has the same style.

Hillary - kim Jung-un


So, Kim Jong-un influenced Hillary who is influencing American fashions.

So, applying thaw of transitivity, American fashion is being influenced by …


Not to pile on, but Hillary’s illness also posted some recall …

Adam’s on Hillary’s Campaign Logo:

Clinton’s logo is a big “H” with an arrow pointing forward.

Someone on Twitter mentioned that it looks like a sign telling you where the hospital is.

Hillary campaign logoHospital arrow

Once you see it that way, you can’t see it any other way.

Adam’s made the observation a couple of months ago.

I’m surprised that it some notice during Hillary’s bout with allergies or fly or pneumonia … or whatever it was.


Source: Scott Adam’s Dilbert blog …  images added by HomaFiles



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