Visceral vs. cerebral … who won the debate?

Here are the overnite numbers ….


First, my overall take:

Hillary was very well prepped, got all of her talking points in and stayed on offense.

Trump wasted too much time defending himself, didn’t hammer the email scandal and didn’t even raise pay-to-play, Benghazi or “deplorables”.

Holt nibbled at Trump all night, but gave Trump the most important gift: making the first 15 minutes about the economy.

Takeaway from that segment – which pundits pre-argued would be determining – was that Trump will be aggressive on saving jobs and Clinton will create tax payer funded green energy jobs.

Advantage: Trump.

Clinton’s biggest score (with a boost from Holt):  birther issue “proves” that Trump is a racist.

Trump’s biggest scores: “why haven’t you done any of this in the past 30 years?” and firmly headlined  “law & order”.

Both demonstrated why they’re the most disliked candidates ever.

OK, now for the numbers which, frankly, surprised me ….


From left to right:

Time scored it a 50-50 draw.



CBS scores it Trump 76%, Clinton 24%



CNBC scores it 61 to 39 Trump.



And, far right-leaning Drudge has it Trump 80, Clinton 20



Team Clinton must be pulling their hair out this morning.

There isn’t much else that Hillary could have done – she was locked & loaded.

Maybe there’s something in her message … or her character … or that smirky “I’m smarter than you” smile that she kept flashing.

Bottom line: Pundits will dismiss the internet polls and score it heavily for Hillary …  but Donald gets to crow about the overnite results and lives to fight another day.

My question: what ammo does Hillary have left for the next debate?


P.S. Yesterday’s post is worth re-reading:
Trump: Inspired by the 1972 Cuban Olympic boxing team?



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