“I ain’t going down no more”

Now, will Trump draw inspiration from Rocky?


The debate reminded me of the classic clip from the first Rocky movie.

In the flick, Apollo Creed –- fighting within the Marquess of Queensberry Rules — was pummeling Rocky … round after round after round.

With little time left in the fight, Rocky uttered those memorable words:

“I ain’t going down no more”

Then, he came out of his corner like a bull and changed the trajectory of the fight.


click to view the memorable clip   <= worth watching


My view:

Clinton pummeled Trump, but she didn’t knock him out.

Trump landed a few strong punches.

Trump lives to fight another a day.

He’s a fighter.

Let’s see if Trump pulls a Rocky.


P.S.  I recollect that Rocky won the re-match and took Creed’s title … hmmm.

click to view the memorable clip



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