Forget the polls … watch the ratings.

News isn’t good for the Donald.


The headline reads:



That’s what the numbers say, but I don’t think that it’s the big story….


What is the big story?

I like to track the ratings as a sort of polling metric based on the old “confirmation bias”.

If more people are tuning into Fox, that’s a good sign for Trump; if more are watching MSNBC, that’s good for Hillary.

Specifically, I look at 2 specific shows: Hannity which clearly pro-Trump, and Maddow which is clearly pro-Hillary.

Hannity used to do way better that Maddow … now, she has pulled practically even … good sign for Hillary, bad for Donald.



P.S. O’Reilly still dominates  … he claims neutrality, but I slot him “leans Trump”.



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