About the “accept results” dust-up …

OK, Trump made a tactical mistake by being bluntly truthful on the question: “Will you commit today to accept the results of the election?”

He should have said: “Sure, just like Gore in 2000.  Once all the related legal processes are settled and the results are certified, I’ll abide by the election results.”

But, he didn’t … so, Dems and the MSM got challenge his patriotism, commitment to the Constitution, blah-blah-blah.

Sample, the Atlantic:



Too bad, because it would have been great to have had coverage of the other big issues that surfaced during the debate: open borders, free trade, 2nd amendment, tax & spend, pay-to- play, tiered justice system, religious freedom, partial-birth abortion, etc.

The best part of the debate (my opinion) was that Chris Wallace got Trump & Clinton to stake out their positions on most of those issues.

Of course, there was bobbing & weaving, but the sharp contrasts in positions were laid out.


Now, back to the concession dust-up ….

The technical point is that there is no constitutional requirement that a candidate concede an election to finalize it.

A concession is simply (1) a way to stop recounts and legal processes if a candidate gives up hope of winning, or (2) an opportunity for a candidate to exit gracefully and offer faux-support to the winner.

Gore gave a nice concession speech after the Supreme Court ruled that the Florida recount was done, but he and his avid supporters continue to this very day to deem Bush as illegitimate — “selected, not elected”.


So, what are the chances that this year’s election will have some taint to it … maybe enough to swing the election … maybe a correctable taint that can be remedied after a first-count of the votes.

Think about it….

Hillary is banging away at Russia for the WikiLeaks that reveal her conflicting private (real) vs. public (“marketing”) stands on the issues … and expressing deep concern about Russia tilting the election results.

And, Homeland Security has expressed concern about election processes getting hacked …  and has even suggested that the Feds take over election process control from states and localities (bad idea).

Perhaps most important, according to a recent YouGov poll, 74% of Americans expect that voter fraud will be an issue in the election … a majority expect that it will be a serious issue.




And, these concerns have been heightened by the Project Veritas video evidence that the Clinton campaign’s field offices have been tampering with Republican voter registrations, conspiring to incite violence at Trump rallies and crafting strategies to stuff ballot boxes with dead, duplicate and non-citizen votes.

Two very high ranking campaign operatives – -one of whom has visited the Oval Office almost 50 times since Obama took office – have been fired post-video release.

My conclusion: “busted”.


Let’s add a potential ironic twist to the story.

Remember how all GOP candidates (except Trump) pledged to support the eventual nominee?

Since the pledge, most have refuse to support Trump either in full or in part.

Fast forward …

What if Trump wins the general election??

My bet: HRC would escalate her whining about Russian involvement, i.e. refuse to accept the election results graciously.

Wouldn’t hat be fun to watch?



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