Proof: Foreigners are disrupting the election process …

Psst: It’s not the Russians


Let’s start with a couple of caveats and disclaimers:

1. Breitbart is real far right … very pro-Trump.

2. This isn’t a “scientific” analysis

3. This certainly doesn’t answer the question: who won the debate.

That said, I thought this was pretty interesting.


Most overnight “click polls” had Trump winning the first 2 debates.

So, a cottage industry developed to trash those polls as “unscientific”.

Now that didn’t stop CNN from gleefully reporting “even far-right website Breitbart’s overnight poll had Hillary Clinton winning the final presidential debate by 6 percentage points”.


Kudos to Breitbart for reporting the numbers; shame-shame to CNN for reversing course legitimizing click-polls.


Well, Breitbart dug into the numbers to figure out what was going on.

Here’s what they found …..


Less than 2/3’s of the survey’s votes came from U.S. IP addresses … about 1/3 came from foreign or disguised IP addresses … ostensibly via some nefarious voting “bots”.

Here are the top 10:



Note than the evil Russians are far down the risk … with Canada and Korea near the top … and with a large combined presence of Western European countries.

Here’s the kicker:

When only votes from American IP addresses were tallied, Trump prevailed 71% to 29%.


Doesn’t “prove” anything about who won the debate … just interesting, right?



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