Psst: Did you catch what Trump said about Amazon?

During the preamble to his Gettysburg Address …

Trump lashed out at his “accusers” and said he was going to sue them.

Said he’ wouldn’t allow the AT&T – Time Warner deal to get approved … because of a concentration of power.

Of course, his opposition was not because CNN is a part of the deal.



 I haven’t seen press mentions of a 3rd Trump lash out …


Paraphrasing, Trump pointed out that Amazon has an unfair advantage over local merchants … and, that he’d fix that.

While he didn’t get specific, I assume he was talking about how most internet purchases are exempt from state sales taxes.

Not exactly a populist issue … and I’m not sure that the President can order states to start collecting sales taxes on anything.

But, I have an idea why it’s on Trump’s mind …

Let’s see: Bezos owns Amazon and the Washington Post … and the Washington Post has a special investigative team of 20 WaPo “journalists” to dig dirt on Trump.

Think that might have anything to do with it?

All I know is that I’m not going to cross that guy …



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One Response to “Psst: Did you catch what Trump said about Amazon?”

  1. TTK Says:

    But let’s make him President so he can really settle his scores…

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