Shocker: NFL to revamp scoring system …

Total net yards gained to determine game winners – not TDs, FGs and PATs.


You may have missed this last week in the emotional aftermath of the election, but amid a sharp drop in TV ratings …

The NFL rules committee voted to fundamentally change the game’s scoring rules …. the ones that determine the winners and losers of games.


In a nutshell, the team that gains the most yardage during a game will be declared the winner.

All yards gained will be counted – passing, rushing, kick & interception returns.

Penalty yardage will be deducted from a team’s total.

Team’s will get 10 bonus yards for each “classic” point scored … 60 yards for a TD, 30 yards for a FG, etc.


Here’s how Commissioner Roger Goodell defended the rules change …


For a long time, fans and players have complained that too many games are determined by freakish last minute plays.

A team will totally dominate a game and then end up losing when the other team scores a fluke touchdown or field goal. 

The rules committee decided that net yards gained is a much truer measure of teams’ relative performance during the course of an entire game.

Goodell conceded that the strongest supporters of the rules change were the fans, players and owners of teams with losing records.

He added:

The old scoring system had outlived its usefulness – much like the electoral college.

Think of ‘points’ as electoral votes and net yards gained as the popular vote.

Shouldn’t a candidate who gets the most votes become President?

Well, shouldn’t the team that gains the most yards win the game?

It’s as simple as that.

The vast majority of journalists attending the news conference cheered Goodell’s announcement.



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