Trump slammed for skipping daily security briefings …

Flashback: Current POTUS skips more than half of his (while President).


The MSM is blasting President-elect Trump for not having security briefings every day.

Keep in mind that Trump is President-elect, not President.

So, the briefings can be a learning experience, but there’s nothing actionable that he can do until January 20.

Putting that fact aside …

Flashback to a study done by Government Accountability Institute re: Obama’s briefing practices.


At the time, security folks were concerned that Obama was frequently skipping his Presidential Daily Briefings (PDBs).

Here’s what the GAI found …


According to ABC News:

A report by the Government Accountability Institute analyzed the number of times a Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) was formally listed on Obama’s schedule since the beginning of his term in 2009.

The group examined the publicly available records for the first 1,225 days of the Obama presidency – from Jan. 23, 2009 through March, 31 2012 – and found a PDB on just 536 of those days, or less than half the time.

The group claims former President George W. Bush almost always had a daily briefing.

The White House does not directly dispute the numbers, but insists that Obama has never fully “skipped” a Presidential Daily Briefing.

While his predecessor might have preferred an oral daily briefing, Obama religiously reads a written version of the same prepared material, often on a secure iPad.


How easily the MSM forgets …


Here’s the data from the GAI report:



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