A Inauguration Day irony …

Comey probably did cost the Dems the White House …


Here’s something for Dems to ponder on inauguration day.

My theory of the case from the get-go was that

(1) Hillary did break the law by grossly (and intentionally) mishandling classified information

(2) There was both harm & foul … i.e. foreign agents hacked the info.

(3) Comey brushed past the intent  (which wasn’t really required for criminality) and the harm of the foul … because he didn’t want to go down in history as the brutish guy who stopped the first woman from being elected president.



Here’s the irony for the Dems ….


In his July press conference, Comey laid out a strong case for indicting Hillary … then pitched the non-sequiturial conclusion that she shouldn’t be indicted.

Imagine if purer logic had prevailed and Comey had recommended that Clinton be indicted.

Yes, Hillary would have been toast and there would have been a massive uproar.

But, when the dust clearly, the Dems would have had a chance to slot another candidate.

Sanders and his supporters would have had a strong case .. but seriously, Bernie Sanders ???

Enter Uncle Joe Biden …

No more email scandal … no more Clinton Foundation … no more ‘take’ from the Saudis … no more Benghazi.

Rather, a likeable public servant … seemingly well-intended, even when misguided … strong relationship with blue-collar working folks … think: Pennsylvania, Michigan Wisconsin.

My retro-hunch: Biden would have won all the states that Hillary won … and probably would have won the roughly 100,000 votes needed to keep the blue firewall intact.

Bottom line: Hillary won the battle (got her stay-out-of-jail free card) … but both she & the Dems lost the war (Trump wins).

Ironic, isn’t it?


P.S. Another potential irony: the first woman president may be a Trump.  Think about it …



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