Perspectives on climate change …

To celebrate Earth Day, there was a Science March in DC on Saturday.

There were many serious scientists worried about Trump de-funding their work.

There were also the usual cadre of cause-chilling climate change zealots.



Whenever I see these folks I reach back for some grounded perspective from political commentator (and comedian) Dennis Miller …


Miller says that he’s trying to keep an open mind on the subject … but that he remains a bit skeptical.

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Why is Miller skeptical?  Here are a few highlights:

“There are a lot of vying statistics, but I think the crux of the issue is that the temperature has reportedly gone up roughly 1.8 degrees over 100 years.

Excuse me, but am I the only one who finds a temperature range of 1.8 degrees over more than 100 years to be amazingly stable?” 


Think about it, and excuse me for not trusting temperature figures from the year 1905.

Back then, everybody was still (expletive deleted) outside in the woods, but I’m supposed to believe they had a stranglehold on the Fahrenheit of the Earth’s magma.

I’m sure that was an accurate reading.”


“People ask me if I’m worried about the effects of global warming on my kids.

Well, obviously I love my kids and I want them to live to be 100.

If they do, then that’s another 1.8 degrees.

What about my kids’ kids? Make it 3.6 degrees.

I’d tell them to just pretend that they’ve moved to Phoenix … or pack up and move to Buffalo.”


“Global warming believers are growing “increasingly hysterical.

It’s officially becoming creepy and it spooks me.”


“I just find it odd that we’ve come to a point in history where if I don’t concede that if Manhattan will be completely submerged in 2057 I’m thought to be a delusional contrarian by some of my more zealous fellow citizens.

If we commissioned a public works project (let’s call it ‘The Manhattan Project’) and tried our hardest to submerge Manhattan in the next 50 years, we couldn’t pull it off.”


Simply put, I can’t worry about the Earth right now because I’m too worried about the world.

Why don’t we all take terrorism as seriously as (these folks) take global warming?”


If you need a chuckle today, listen to Miller deliver his full riff on Global Warming …



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2 Responses to “Perspectives on climate change …”

  1. Alex Says:

    A disappointing post that seems to be beneath your usual intellectual firepower.

    1. This isn’t an issue about some scientist’s work being defunded or about zealots. The issue is a global one. Flippant comments like yours reinforce the unfortunate insularity and ignorance that often penalize America’s credibility on the global platform. Remember that, aside from 315 million Americans, there are 7 billion other people on this planet whose lives and homes are potentially at stake.

    2. Jokes about Manhattan streets under water and moving to Buffalo really miss out on the potential impact on the economy and national wealth. Here’s a take on Florida:
    Just imagine what would happen to the real estate market in Annapolis, shortly after the start of a Florida property crash!

  2. Question-ista! Says:

    Dennis Miller clearly does not understand the difference between weather and climate. Do you understand that difference, Professor?

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