Will Comey ask Mueller for immunity?

May not be as wild as it sounds.


Let’s connect some dots today …

Couple of weeks ago, there was aleak that Comey had a file memo documenting that Trump had privately told him (Comey) that he (Trump) hoped that he (Comey) could make the Flynn investigation go away quickly.

Left-leaning media started screaming “obstruction” … and right-leaning news outlets countered by looping later sworn testimony by Comey that his investigation had not been subjected to any obstruction. Period.

A Congressional oversight committee invited Comey to testify – to clear up the apparent contradiction … Comey agreed.


Then, Comey postponed (cancelled?) his  Congressional committee appearance. source

Instead, he met with Rep. Chaffetz who has said that if more information were made public, then folks would cut Comey more slack on his handling of the Clinton email fiasco.


And, it was reported that — before any Congressional appearances – Comey wanted to meet with Special Investigative Counselor Robert Mueller. source

Double hmmm.

What’s that all about?


Strikes me, that Comey – as usual – was trying to be too cute by half and got himself into a bit of a bind.

Side note” The revelation of a stack of Comey-authored file memos opens up a wide range of investigative paths.

See Are Comey’s memos stored in Pandora’s box?

Did Comey really think that Trump was trying to obstruct justice?

If yes, why didn’t he report the felonious infraction to his superiors?

Likely answer, he (Comey) thought his superiors would be dismissive and just didn’t bother.

Let’s cut him some slack on that one.


But, what about the sworn testimony – after-the-fact – that there had been no instances of obstruction by anybody?

Only two possibilities:

Either Trump didn’t obstruct … or Comey lied under oath.


The latter (lying under oath)  is the kind of stuff that got Martha Stewart thrown in jail (by Comey) … and got Scooter Libby thrown in jail by a previous special prosecutor.

So, to get his retribution on Trump by pinning him with obstruction, Comey needs to dodge a perjury charge.

Tricky business … unless his former boss gives him his own stay-out-of jail card.

So, immunity isn’t as wild as it sounds.



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