Dilbert asks: “Who wants a dangerous man in the White House?”

Well, not actually Dilbert … rather Dilbert’s author Scott Adams.


With all of the MSM “Trump is a bad person” hysteria … coupled with the Dems 4th straight special elections loss … I was reminded of a prior (and once again timely) post.

During the Presidential campaign, Adams hit the nail on the head on his Dilbert blog, …


Adams observed that, during the campaign, , Hillary’s constant refrain that we can’t have a loose cannon in the White House.



Adam’s cut to the chase on on “Dangerous Trump”:

In his post, Adams observes:

Trump’s opponents have started making the case that he is “a loose cannon” … a “dangerous man”

You know who likes dangerous men?

Answer: Everyone.

Seal Team Six is dangerous. George Washington was dangerous. Abraham Lincoln was dangerous. Women like dangerous men.

Wimpy men want to be dangerous men.

“Dangerous” borders on being a compliment.

When you need to thwart some enemies – such as a useless Congress, or ISIS – you want to send in your most dangerous fighter.

Furthering the argument::

(1)  “Every other country with nukes has a wacko with his finger on the button.  Why shouldn’t the U.S. — just to keep things even”.

(2) “Girls like bad boys, right?  Maybe this will fix Trump’s polling with women.”


Perhaps, Dems should consider whether their “bad Trump” rhetoric may be working against their interests … by simply consolidating Trump’s ‘bad boy’ supporters.
Source: Scott Adam’s Dilbert blog …  images added by HomaFiles

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One Response to “Dilbert asks: “Who wants a dangerous man in the White House?””

  1. markdavenport70 Says:

    Yes, wouldn’t it be great if dangerous people served in all sorts of roles:

    Dangerous airline pilots who don’t bother getting the latest weather update, because who can predict that kind of stuff anyway. Fly the thrilling skies!

    Dangerous restauranteurs who leave food out at room temperature because refrigeration lowers profits. Couples want dates to be an adventure!!

    Dangerous cabbies who think rules are for other drivers. Who doesn’t want to get there sooner?

    It has been so boring for the last 241 years with ‘safe’ presidents who studied issues, consulted experts, weighed the alternatives and sought support from the governed. We want government by instincts! Gut feel! Shoot first, ask questions later!! MAGA!!!!

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