Fun fact: another apparent partisan divide …

Yesterday, we posted a Pew survey finding:

“Each party has become more ideologically homogeneous, and more hostile toward the opinions of members of the other party.”

Oh, my.

On a slightly lighter side, the nation is even divided on housing preferences:

“Overall, Americans are equally divided between wanting to live in a community with larger houses farther apart, where schools, shops and restaurants are not nearby (48%), and those who want to live in smaller houses closer together but within walking distance to schools and shops (47%).”


Now, one might expect that housing preferences wouldn’t be a political flashpoint, right?


According to Pew, that’s not the case.

“Even that divide falls on political lines: 65% of Republicans want to live in larger houses farther apart, and 61% of Democrats want to live in more walkable communities with smaller homes.”



Said differently, the housing divide probably reflects a more basic urban – suburban – rural divide.

Each group has their own interests, needs and political agenda … and they probably state that their housing preference is living where they are … even if that takes some heavy rationalization … Dems in the city, GOP families in the suburbs.

Whatever …



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