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Fun fact: another apparent partisan divide …

October 13, 2017

Yesterday, we posted a Pew survey finding:

“Each party has become more ideologically homogeneous, and more hostile toward the opinions of members of the other party.”

Oh, my.

On a slightly lighter side, the nation is even divided on housing preferences:

“Overall, Americans are equally divided between wanting to live in a community with larger houses farther apart, where schools, shops and restaurants are not nearby (48%), and those who want to live in smaller houses closer together but within walking distance to schools and shops (47%).”


Now, one might expect that housing preferences wouldn’t be a political flashpoint, right?


City elites ask: what’s up with those rural bumpkins?

November 21, 2016

One of the big divides in the Presidential election was the urban-rural split.


Rural communities have over 95% of the land mass; cities have more than 60% of the population.

Clinton carried the cities by 31 points; Trump carried the rural areas by 29 points; the suburbs were a push

According to The Daily Beast:

“Rural counties now deliver lopsided totals for Republicans that approach Democratic tallies in African-American neighborhoods.”



What the heck is going on?