Where’s the beef?

And, other things to watch for in today’s hearing.

I expect today’s hearing will be long on emotional drama, short on facts (which are known in some circles as evidence), and won’t change many entrenched opinions.

Any opinions that are changed will be based not on evidence but on apparent credibility… how Ford and Kavanaugh present themselves.



More specifically, here’s what I expect…


The process

I expect the Arizona prosecutor to be pretty good, but …

The process works to her disadvantage.

Every 5 minute, Dems will break the line of logic with “I believe you” theatrics.

And, after every 5 minutes of questioning, Dems will have a chance to “rehabilitate” Dr. Ford and “correct” her testimony … making sure that any stumbles are quickly remedied.

Conversely, Dems will have a chance every 5 minutes to amplify any Kavanaugh gaffes or challenge any of his testimony.

The questioner will have a tough time keeping her logic flowing smoothly … and watchers will likely forget much of what was revealed in the prior block of questions.


Dr. Ford

Dr. Ford will be well-rehearsed, but nervous.

She will present credibly as an anguished woman.

She’ll reveal no new  evidence or corroboration … just her accusation.

Her biggest obstacles:

(1) Not recalling key details (e.g.  the time and place).  Some are pre-trauma details that memory experts say should be remembered.

See Scientifically speaking, should the accuser be expected to remember when and where?

(2) Her lifetime friend has said that there wasn’t a party, let alone an incident … then or ever.  Her lifetime friend!

(3) The polygraph test — which only asked “are you lying?” rather than drilling down on specifics – has already been totally debunked by experts … and raises the question of why the polygraph in the first place (and who paid for it).

(4) Her parents.  Her husband said that she moved cross-country largely to escape her “male-dominated” family.

See: Where in the world is Dr. Ford?

“Curiously, her own immediate family doesn’t appear to be backing her up. Her mother, father and two siblings are all conspicuously absent from a letter of support released by a dozen relatives, mostly on her husband’s side of the family.” Source

(5) The possibility of mis-identification. Dr. Ford says she’s 100% certain the incident occurred and that it was Kavanaugh.  But, another man has reportedly claimed responsibility

See Breaking: Man says he, not Bret, did it.



He must  do better than his robotic FOX interview.

He has to be passionate  … show some emotions.

While obviously on the defensive, he must play offense.

Show compassion for Dr. Ford while emphatically denying involvement.

Keep highlighting his 30 years of service … and the strong references provided by literally hundreds of people who know him.

Show anger, but channel it at the process and the committee (more specifically,  the Dems).

Keep reminding the committee how much anguish they’ve cast on his wife and daughters.  Mention the daughters as many times as possible.

Be a person!

His biggest obstacles:

(1) Democrats’ dramatics.  Every 5 minutes of questioning will be broken by powerful (but factless) histrionics. Dems will jump on any gaffes.

(2) The avalanche of subsequent accusations. They will be off limits … but will be elephants in the room.

(3) Mark Judge. His BFF is, by his own written admission, a sleaze ball. I’m not big on guilt-by-association, but this guy is toxic if he and Kavanaugh really were joined at the hip.


Watching tips

Keep asking yourself: what are the (new) facts.

Where’s the beef?

Don’t get distracted by shiny objects and dramatics .

My view: I would have preferred a private session with an immediately released written transcript.

I’ll DVR the hearing and watch it twice.

First, I’ll watch the whole show.

Then I’ll watch again, fast forwarding past the Dem drama and just absorbing the serious questioning by the prosecutor.

I expect the 2nd pass to be more fruitful.

Try it!


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2 Responses to “Where’s the beef?”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Nailed it!

  2. Verdict: Feinstein,Dems found guilty of obstruction of justice! | The Homa Files Says:

    […] News & Views on Marketing, Economics & Politics « Where’s the beef? […]

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