What’s up with Dr. Ford’s parents?

They may be able to break the case.

I’ve read a couple of reports that Dr. Ford’s parents are on the FBI interview list.

Assuming that the reports are true and that  they cooperate, I think that might provide some important information.


Among the aspects of Dr. Ford’s testimony that struck me as very odd was that her parents didn’t show up to lend support.

Kavanaugh’s parents were prominent.

Every parent that I’ve chatted with has said they’d be there to show support for their son or daughter.

But, not Dr. Ford’s parents.

And, when Rachel Mitchell asked who, other than her lawyers, had  had been advising her, Dr. Ford answered “My beach friends.”

Say, what?

Following up, Mitchell asked if she had sought advice from her parents.

Dr. Ford answered emphatically: “NO !”

Why is that?



Let’s flashback to a prior post Where in the world is Dr. Ford?

Remember the WaPo article that presented Dr. Ford’s allegations?

Quoting Ford’s husband, Russell,  WaPo dissected her “surf-motivated” move to the west coast:

“There’s an exhilaration that happens as you ride a wave,” Russell said.

“Your entire focus is on the wave and, in that moment, there’s nothing else you’re thinking about.”

He knew that more than a love of water had brought her west.

“She didn’t always get along with her parents because of differing political views,” Russell said.

“It was a very male-dominated environment.

Everyone was interested in what’s going on with the men, and the women are sidelined, and she didn’t get the attention or respect she felt she deserved.

That’s why she went to California, to get away from the D.C. scene.”


Political differences? Male-dominated?

My take: An FBI forensic psychologist would have plenty of fodder for a deep dive.

I hope that the FBI puts a team that includes a forensic psychologist on the case and that Ford’s parents open up….

Might provide some very useful context … and, might just break the case.

Think about it for a minute.


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