Trumps’s approval numbers on an uptick…

Last week, we posted Rasmussen poll results indicating that Trump’s approval got a bump after the SOTU.

See Trump approval up since SOTU…

Since Rasmussen leans right and doesn’t use classic interviewing techniques, it’s easy for some folks to dismiss the numbers.

But, Gallup is the gold standard of polling, right?

Well, the Rasmussen conclusion seems to be corroborated by Gallup.


The most recent Gallup survey indicates that (1) Trump has more than bounced back from the shutdown dip, and (2) His approval – which is at a high water mark – is double that of Congress!

So, what’s going on?


There are a couple of hypotheses floating around.

(1) The Dems’ very bad weeks in Virginia (alleged racial insensitivity, & sexual abuse by top gov’t officials) have ‘normalized’ some of Trump’s crude behavior.

(2) Abortion law changes in NYC and VA (governor’s defense of proposed changes) have spotlighted 3rd trimester (and later) abortions that have little public support.

(3) Trump’s oval office address to the nation and SOTU went around the left-leaning media and  his direct message and more presidential demeanor resonated with some groups.

For example, according to a WaPo poll, support for border walls bumped up by 8 percentage points ….. with double digit gains among Independent and “college educated” respondents.



P.S. Note the low support for the border walls in the Northeast.  I guess it’s easy to pontificate on an issue that only impacts you on a philosophical level.


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