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Reprise: How a “professional sports gambler” is disrupting Jeopardy…

May 21, 2019

Current champ has now won almost $1.8 million in 23 consecutive wins.

He is smart and calculating. Is that cheating?

I posted this a couple of weeks ago.  Now that the 2-week Teachers Tournament is over and “regular” Jeopardy has resumed, I’m updating the post to remind regular Jeopardy watchers of what’s going on … and provide some background to new watchers who have been caught by the PR blitz around the champ’s success.

Though I’m not particularly strong at trivia, I enjoy watching Jeopardy

In part as a daily test of whether I can hang in there with the contestants (Answer: not in most categories) … and, largely because – in my stint as a teacher – I became a student f how people think … how they store, combine, and retrieve information. Think: connect the dots.

The current Jeopardy champ — James Holzhauer– is a professional sports bettor … and, he’s  setting records.


Holzhauer has won 23 straight games … that’s the 2nd most on the all-time list … the record is 74 by a “normal” guy named Ken Jennings … the average Jeopardy champ only wins 2 or 3 games..

Most impressive is that Holzhauer has already won almost $1.8 million about 2/3s of the way towards Jenning’s haul of $2.5 million. Working the arithmetic, Holzhauer has been winning about $75,000 per day … which is more than double Jenning’s daily take.  His biggest day’s winnings were $131,127 … and he already has marked the best 12 days in Jeopardy history.

How Holzhauer is doing it is raising eye-brows in the Jeopardy community. Part astonishment and part calls of “foul”.

So how exactly is Holzhauer doing it?