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Romney 2016: “If Trump is the GOP nominee …”

February 10, 2020

Some dire predictions from our national arbiter of morality.


At the risk of piling on …

Last week, we flashed back to Romney’s 2016 public diatribe against then nomination candidate Trump.

Click to see a  3-minute video summary  or a transcript of the speech

Of course, he dwelled on Trump’s boorish personal behavior (as if that wasn’t already evident to all) and his choppy business record (with emphasis on the entrepreneurial  failures, e.g. Trump University and the Atlantic City casino).

And, he made a couple of dire predictions.

First, he unequivocally predicted: He will lose to Hillary Clinton.


I guess his logic was: “I was a better candidate than Trump and I lost, so …”

And, if Trump does get elected …