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Who wants to be president?

February 11, 2020

Or, more to the point: why would anybody want the job?

The Iowa debacle didn’t surprise me. Maybe its an omen.

The morning after the last pre-Iowa Democratic debate, James Freeman of the WSJ asked: Doesn’t anybody want to be President?


Freeman opined:

Six competitors took the stage at the Democratic presidential debate, but  nobody wanted to compete.

Given a final opportunity to challenge rivals before Democrats begin selecting the party’s nominee, the candidates looked just as bored as the television viewers who were treated to stale recitations of campaign talking points.

The reasonable conclusion is that both of America’s major political parties will be relying on Donald Trump to drive turnout in November.

I think Freeman may be selling Bernie short — that guy wants the job — but he’s on the right track.

In fact, I’d reframe the question and broaden it beyond the Dems roster of candidates.

For the the life of me, I can’t understand why anybody — including Donald J. Trump — would want the job rolling into 2021.

Here’s my thinking…