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So, what happened to Biden and Warren?

February 12, 2020

Both Warren & Biden got smoked in NH last nite … they finished out of the money (4th & 5th place) … each got less than 10% of the vote … and neither scored any delegates.


Pundits are coming up with many convoluted explanations, but the answers are really quite simple.

For Biden, the answer can be summed up in one word:impeachment.

Not his, Trump’s.

As we previously posted, Looks like Dems aimed at Trump but hit Biden…

I get it that Pelosi got pressured by AOC and her extreme liberal squad and by the most avid Trump-haters in her caucus.

Didn’t she realize that Biden would get caught in the crossfire? Or, was she just ok with sacrificing his candidacy?

Either way, Biden was toast from the get-go.


In my opinion, Warren’s rapid slide can be traced to a single incident that went viral…