The importance of Congressional races…

During the last Dem debate, Mike Bloomberg claimed that his election generosity “bought” the Dems a majority in Congress.

Obviously, the GOP would like like to regain a Congressional majority to stop the constant stream of heretofore fruitless investigations that Pelosi & Schiff have instigated.


But, for the GOP. the stakes may be even higher than that.

Keeping the White House may depend on winning the Congress….


In yesterdays we posed Bloomberg’s possible path to the Oval Office… as a 3rd party candidate (presuming that Sanders is the Dem nominee).

We argued that Bloomberg  could be a spoiler who won enough electoral votes to keep any candidate from getting the necessary 270 electoral votes.

In that case,  Congress gets to elect the President from among the top 3 candidates (based on their earned electoral votes).

Each state’s delegation gets one vote.

Oddly enough, while the Dems currently hold a “seats” majority in Congress, the GOP currently has a majority of state delegations in which GOP members outnumber Dem members.

Currently, the GOP has a majority in 26 state delegations; Dems have a majority in 23 state delegations; 1 state Michigan) has an equal number of GOP and Dem members.

The would bode well for the GOP (and Trump), except…

The “new” Congress elected in 2020 would be the one that votes.

If the Dems (with Bloomberg’s continued election generosity) are able to turn 3 Congressional delegations from GOP to Dem majorities, the Dems would be in a position to select the new president.

That’s why the Congressional races are so important!


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