Bloomberg takes American Samoa !

DJT nailed the main Super Tuesday takeaways in 2 Tweets ….


My observation: Bloomberg’s 1st debate was like the curtain being pulled back in the Wizard of Oz … a self-inflicted wound that neutralized hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising.

My question: Will a humiliated Bloomberg continue to pour money behind Biden, Congressional Dem candidates and his causes – which obviously didn’t resonate with voters … or, will he take his wallet back home and sulk?



My observation: Rather than drop out before yesterday’s vote (ala Pete, Amy, and Beto), Warren stayed in.  Doing so, she demonstrated that her “higher purpose” of supporting the “Progressive cause” was a bunch of BS. Her vote totals — while meager — would have shifted a couple  of states towards Bernie … or at least narrowed Biden’s delegate lead.


Final take: Trump versus Biden will be fun to watch … especially since the Bernie Bros will stay home.


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