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If there was widespread fraud, how could the GOP flip so many congressional seats?

December 3, 2020

That’s a question that liberal pundits (and some of my left-leaning friends) are posing to “prove” that there was no widespread fraud … and there’s a simple answer

The first time I was asked the question, I was stumped, so I did some quick fact-finding.

The answer should have been obvious (to me) from the get-go:

The seats that the GOP flipped weren’t in the notorious metro cheat-spots that tanked Trump, i.e. Philly, Detroit, Milwaukee, Vegas.

Specifically, RCP is currently reporting that the GOP flipped 11 seats; 2 each in FL & CA; 1 each in UT, SC, IA, OK, NM, MI, NY.

With the exception of Michigan, there are no allegations of game-changing cheating in any of the flipped-states … most were red states undoing 2018 blue-flips or landslide Biden states that didn’t need cheating to win (NY, CA).

In Michigan, the flipped congressional district (CD 3) covers Grand Rapids and Battle Creek … far away from the reach of the Detroit machine.

Note: GOP Senate Candidate — John James — lost narrowly.  He was leading until the Detroit votes were counted.

According to RCP, the Dems only flipped 1 congressional seat –  Georgia’s 7th CD — just north of Atlanta in Gwinnett County.

Need I say more on that one?


Bottom line: GOP flips are hardly evidence that the election was fraud-free in the suspected cheat-spots.

Dec. 3: C-19 Data Dashboard

December 3, 2020

279,845 Deaths-to-Date

2,810 Daily New Deaths  (peak 2,824 April 21)
> 7-day average 1,661    (peak 2.229 April 23)


Confirmed Cases

198767  New Cases
> 7-day average  165,431

Currently Hospitalized

100,226  Current level

> Prior Peaks: 59,700 Apr 12, July 24
> Prior Lows:  28,000 June 21, Sept 20