Of missionaries and bible salesmen…

The Georgia elections brought an old fable-like joke to life

Of course, I’m disappointed with the Georgia outcome … but, it’s not like it wasn’t in the tea leaves.

Back in December, despite polls & odds that were GOP-favorable, I scored the odds at 60-40 that the Dems would sweep both seats.

See: So, how will the Georgia elections turn out?

At at the time, I said that my view was substantially swayed by an old fable-like joke:

A missionary and a bible salesman meet in a bar.

The missionary says “Hey, we’re in the same line of work.”

The bible salesman replies “No we’re not.

You’re trying to convert the masses.

I’m just trying to sell bibles.

In GA, the GOP was seeking converts: “Stop Socialism”; the Dems were selling bibles: “Get out the votes.”

First, gotta hand it to the Stacey Abrams led efforts to mobilize the Dem vote.  They outhustled the GOP from the get-go. Period.

Second, many  pundits argued that the GOP had a compelling “big picture” closing argument (roadblock socialism in the most consequential election ever) … and that the Dems were playing “small ball” (get a free $2,000 check in the mail).

I cynically submit that many voters probably confuse “socialism” with “social media” — and think that the latter is a good thing not a bad thing.

Suffice it to say, that could work against the socialism argument.

And, as my former students will attest, I oft referenced “the power of free” — cautioning them that’s it’s very difficult to compete against “free” goods.

Put those two strategic foundations together —  “hustle” and “free” — and the Georgia elections make complete sense.

Shoulda seen it coning.



P.S. Annie was wrong when she sang that “the sun will come out tomorrow” … it’s totally overcast in Annapolis today.

So, I’m antsy about following her advice to “bet your bottom dollar, that tomorrow there’ll be sun!”

We previously posted that JP Morgan forecasts a 25% market drop if there’s a Blue Wave

So, who to believe Annie or JP Morgan?

One Response to “Of missionaries and bible salesmen…”

  1. Deepak Gupta Says:

    Prof Homa, Thank you for not putting the bonus on voter fraud this time.

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