Ouch: I just paid $3,700 for $1,200 of lumber …

And, apparently I’m not alone.

Team Biden says not to worry, their lucrative pay-to-not-play poli-finance money-printing isn’t impacting the labor market or inflation.


I just got 2 shocks that suggest the contrary.

We’re in the process or re-siding part of  our house — just replacing some badly weathered boards.

The carpenter warned me that lumber prices were thru the roof.

Today, he handed me the bill.  A small load of cedar siding cost me $3,700 — just for the materials.

The carpenter said that a couple of months ago, it would have cost $1,200.

That’s completely consistent with news reports of a tripling in lumber prices due homebuilding demand and supply shortages. Source


More broadly, the BLS reported today that the CPI is up 4.2% year-over-year … the sharpest YOY rise in over a decade … you know, back in the Obama-Biden years.  Is history repeating?


Note: “Energy Commodities“ prices were up almost 49% … and that’s before a CNN prediction that “Coming this summer: Gas stations will be running out of gas.”



I always liked to ask my Trump-hating friends which they were most opposed to: the peace or the prosperity?

With prices soaring and former workers reinventing themselves as government-funded couch potatoes … and the Middle East literally exploding … we now have both less prosperity and less peace.

Maybe the Trump-haters think that’s a small price to pay for fewer mean tweets.


P.S. And, I haven’t even mentioned the southern border … or faux school openings.

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