Joe offered thanks to Dem-heavy Hawaii & Vermont…

They’re the only 2 states where even a slim majority  approve of  his  job  performance

Let’s start at the top …

A polling company called Civiqs surveyed over 130,000 people on the question: Do you approve or disapprove of the job that Joe Biden is doing as president?

Consistent with other recent polls, Civiqs found — at the aggregate level — that (a) a majority disapprove of the job Biden is doing, and (b) his job approval is underwater (or, “upside down”) by 16 percentage points with 37% approving and 53% disapproving.

That’s not new news.


But, since Civiq’s sample size is so large, it’s able to slice & dice the data by it’s component parts.

That’s where the news is.

For example, at the state level:

> Hawaii & Vermont are the only 2 states where even a slim majority  approve of  Biden’s  job  performance

> His job approval number is only above water in 3 other Dem-heavy states: Maryland (48% to 41%), (Massachusetts (48% to 40%), California (46%42%)


On the flip-side:

> More than 2 out of 3 residents in 10 states disapprove of Biden’s job approval.

In 4 states, more than 70% disapprove of his job performance: West Virginia (76%), Wyoming (73%), North Dakota (71%), and Oklahoma (71%)



> Biden’s job approval is underwater by more than 25 percentage points 25 states

His job approval is most underwater in West Virginia (57%), Wyoming (73%), Oklahoma (49%) and North Dakota (48%).


Find your state on the heat map below:


2 Responses to “Joe offered thanks to Dem-heavy Hawaii & Vermont…”

  1. Jim Day Says:

    So Biden is doing better than Trump at this point in his Presidency, though not as well as Obama. I think that’s about how most people who voted for Biden would have predicted things would go.

  2. Jim Day Says:

    ^^^ Also, the 37% national number is likely too low. Biden’s approval rating is likely in the low 40’s. Not great, but still better than Trump and about as good as any President of one party or another can do in the currently polarized climate.

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