Biden slipping among key constituencies and swing voters…

Independents, suburban women and even the “well educated” are jumping ship.

Yesterday, we posted some results from a 130,000 person survey done by a polling company called Civiqs.

The poll centered on the question: Do you approve or disapprove of the job that Joe Biden is doing as president?

Consistent with other recent polls, Civiqs found that at the national level a majority disapproves of the job Biden is doing .. and his job approval is underwater (or, “upside down”) by 16 percentage points.

Digging deeper, his job approval number is only above water in 5 Dem-heavy states … and only a (slim) majority in 2 of them —  Hawaii & Vermont.

And, digging even deeper into the poll’s “internals” …



> A majority of respondents  with less than a post-graduate degree disapprove of Biden’s job performance

> Post-grads are evenly split (43% to 43%) on Biden’s job approval.  That’s reported to be a big approval drop.




> Only about 1/3 of males and females approve of the job that Biden is doing.

> Said differently, Biden is losing one of the constituencies that propelled him to victory: Trump-hating Suburban Women.



Party Affiliation

> Predictably, GOP disapproval of Biden’s job performance is near-unanimous.

> A majority of Dems still approve … but even that number has fallen to near 50-50

> Most significant: Only 1 in 5 Independents approve of Biden’s job performance.



The bottom line:

It looks like Biden’s  “I’m not Trump’ selling proposition is being dwarfed by his actual job performance … and voters are catching a bad case of buyer’s remorse.

I don’t think that there’s a vaccine for that…

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