OMG: Will Romney be taking the mantle from Manchin?

A GOP Senate majority may not be bullet-proof.

Another case of the obvious becoming evident …

I was scanning an article on election predictions and was stopped in my tracks by an incidental comment:

RealClearPolitics predicts that Republicans will win five of the seven toss-ups, giving them 52 seats (and a Romney-proof majority).

What did he say?

Oh no, is it possible that Mitt Romney will be the legislative decision-maker for the next 2 years.

Manchin loved the spotlight and did slow some progressive steam-rolling … but when the big money chips were on the table, he caved… e.g. he got totally rolled on the $350 billion climate control bill (nee Inflation Reduction Act).

I’d been assuming that a GOP majority  would gridlock the Senate — something that I consider a good thing. Make that “a very good thing”.

But, much like Manchin couldn’t be counted on, for sure, the GOP can’t count on Romney.

He’ll bask in the  limelight and will position himself as the adult in the Senate …. by siding with the Dems on pivotal issues to demonstrate his bi-partisanship.


To position himself to compete against Trump (maybe) and DeSantis (certainly) for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024.


From the frying pan into the fire…

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