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John McCain: Respected … and Disrespected.

August 28, 2018

First, my personal view.

My wife is a Viet Nam Gold Star family member.

I’m deeply and sincerely appreciative to the men and women who serve in our military … especially those who were killed, wounded or confined as POWs.

I can’t imagine the horror of being a POW for 5 years.

So, I put John McCain irrevocably in the heroes’ column.

That said I disagreed with many of his political stands.

That was ok with me because he was one of very few politicians that I thought was a good, well intended man who had the cajones to speak his mind truthfully.

This week I’ve been struck by the gross hypocrisy of politicos who “always respected” John McCain.

Always? Really?

Reminded me of the day — the moment — when Obama “lost” me.

It was the televised healthcare summit that Obama held to “listen” to opposing views.

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McCain offered a short, sincere, respectful point-of-view.

Obama shot him his trademarked condescending glance and rebutted: “John” … not Senator McCain … “you can stop campaigning the election is over so .”

Pretty disrespectful, right?

I wonder if Obama’s flowery eulogy this week will say “I always respected, Senator McCain” or if it will include an apology for publicly disrespecting “John” at the healthcare summit.

My money is on the former.


PS Obama doesn’t have a monopoly on this week’s hypocrisy.  It’s just that the incident was meaningful to me at the time.  There are worse cases, including the Bush campaign insinuating during the SC primary  that that McCain was a racist.  I doubt that Bush will apologize for that in his eulogy.

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Flash: Presidential campaigns were hacked by the Chinese.

January 10, 2017

More precisely, I should have said “flashback” to 2008.


Lots of attention on the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC and Clinton campaign.

Less attention on the Intelligence Community’s assessment that the RNC was hacked, too.

More surprising, there have been no references by Intelligence Agencies or the MSM to China’s hacking of the 2008 Presidential campaigns.



So, let’s take a stroll down memory lane …


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