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Are you a “producer” or a performer?

June 9, 2016

Prior posts have channeled some work by PwC identifying traits that mark self-made billionaires.

Broadly speaking, the PwC study sorts business folks as “producers” or “performers”.

Producers are skilled at conceiving new ideas and bringing them to market.

Performers: They know how to optimize the known systems and products of an organization, and how to make the most of existing practices.


Which are you, a producer or a performer?


Here’s a 9-question categorization quiz from Strategy + Business:

Click to take the producer-performer quiz


S+B observes:

You might have to fill both roles at different times.

“After all, anyone who can launch a new product must have some ability as a performer. Similarly, most skilled performers also have some producer talent.”

But it’s rare for one person to excel as both a producer and a performer.

So if you’re aware of what you do best, you can more easily establish yourself in the most suitable environment, with the right complementary people, and map out your ideal role.

You’ll also know when to ask for help.



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