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Algorithms are out … exponential technologies are in.

May 21, 2012

Punch line: Despite the hoo[la around Facebook’s IPO, social media is already passé in Silicon Valley.

America’s innovation engine is now focused on transportation, energy and manufacturing.

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A couple of snippets from an editorial in the WSJ : The Future Is More Than Facebook by Rich Karlgaard  of Forbes.

Only a certain kind of company is getting rich in the Obama economy.

These are outfits that make algorithms — bits of software code cleverly strung together to take the form of an iPhone operating system, a LinkedIn social network, or a proprietary trading scheme.

But America can do better than that, and it will. In fact, the seeds are being planted now.

In Silicon Valley, investing in social-media companies is already passé. America’s innovation engine, Silicon Valley, is again overheating.

There’s a growing interest among bright minds to apply “exponential technologies”  to solve problems much larger than whom to friend on Facebook: transportation (smart cars), manufacturing (3-printing), and energy (high-tech horizontal drilling).

Question: If America could have only one of the following — Facebook, Twitter or horizontal drilling — which would be the smarter choice?

Happily, we don’t have to make that choice. America remains the world’s innovator, a country without limits.

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