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Ask less, get more … keep your mouth shut when conducting interviews

September 25, 2012

Punch line: The more questions you ask, the more you learn about a job candidate, right?


Here is a better strategy.


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Excerpted from , “Best Interview Technique You Never Use”

Sometimes, instead of asking questions, the best interviewing technique is to listen slowly.

In Change-Friendly Leadership, management coach Rodger Dean Duncan describes how he learned about listening slowly from PBS NewsHour anchor Jim Lehrer:

“He urged me to ask a good question, listen attentively to the answer, and then count silently to five before asking another question … Giving other people sufficient psychological breathing room seemed to work wonders.”

Once you give candidates a silent hole to fill, they’ll fill it, often in unexpected and surprising ways.

A shy candidate may fill the silence by sharing positive information she wouldn’t have otherwise shared. A candidate who came prepared with “perfect” answers to typical interview questions may fill the silence with not-so-positive information he never intended to disclose.

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10 qualities of successful entrepreneurs

September 19, 2012

Punch line: Not enough people understand who entrepreneurs are or how to develop them. Jim Clifton, Gallup Chairman and CEO, uncovers what propels these exceptional businesspeople.

Pensive businessman - Image by flickr user s_falkow

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Excerpted fro Gallup Business Journal, “What Drives Entrepreneurs to Win”

In his book The Coming Jobs War, Gallup Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton calls entrepreneurship the “scarcest, rarest, hardest energy and talent in the world to find.”

So how do you rise above the challenges that entrepreneurship poses? Clifton offers some sage advice.

  1. Know your personal brand. Successful entrepreneurs know themselves well and can perceive others accurately.
  2. Take on challenges. Entrepreneurs [should] stretch themselves, raise the bar, face their fears, and [be] willing to experiment.
  3. Think through possibilities and practicalities. Entrepreneurs must be creative and think beyond the boundaries of what exists.
  4. Promote the business. Successful entrepreneurs are their own best spokespeople.
  5. Focus on business outcomes. Highly successful entrepreneurs judge decisions … based on their observed or anticipated effect on profit … [and they] set goals and live by their commitment to them.
  6. Be a perpetual student of the business. Continually gaining input and acquiring the knowledge and skills required to grow the business are essential to an entrepreneur’s success.
  7. Be self-reliant. Successful entrepreneurs are prepared to do whatever must be done to see the business succeed.
  8. Be a self-starter. Successful entrepreneurs are passionate doers who push to make things happen.
  9. Multiply yourself through delegation. Entrepreneurs who are successful … are willing and able to contemplate a shift in style and control.
  10. Build relationships. The ability to build strong relationships is crucial for survival and growth. Successful entrepreneurs are adept at building relationships, have strong social awareness and can attract and maintain a constituency.

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