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At ripe age of 132, P&G’s first mass marketed brand gets a makeover …

October 17, 2011

Punch line: P&G launches Ivory soap in new colorful packages and with a redesigned logo, and a back-to-basics nostalgic marketing campaign.

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Excerpted from, “P&G launches for Ivory soap

… The remake is part of an effort to breathe new life into Ivory. It comes at a time when Americans are scaling back on spending in the down economy, but are looking for little, cheap ways to pamper themselves … As P&G has focused on bigger, faster-growing brands, the white bar of soap has lagged behind its rival Dove and faced increasing competition from Dial and Irish Spring.

Ivory isn’t among the 24 brands with at least $1 billion in annual sales at P&G … but the soap that floats has a long history with the company.

Ivory was the first brand mass-marketed by P&G. It is the namesake of a P&G research and production center called “Ivorydale.” It’s deeply entrenched in American pop culture as a sponsor of early television soap operas and the first televised major league baseball game …

Ivory is where our origins are … It has a special place in a lot of people’s hearts around here. It’s incredibly important to keep it alive and growing.”

… P&G expects the new campaign to remind people why their families used Ivory in the past, and to attract new users with quality for low price …

“There is so much tail wind at our back: the economic environment, this trend of getting back to things that work, and reminding us of a time when things were a bit simpler.”

… Instead of Ivory’s usual nearly all-white packages, new ones will be more colorful. One is mostly bright blue. The new package emphasizes the 10 bars compared to 8- and 6-packs sold by most competitors with a big “10.” A simpler logo plays off the previous of the 1950s and carries the slogan, “pure, clean & simple.”

… The ads have some understated humor, calling Ivory “meticulously scented to smell exactly like soap” and pledging that “when dirt changes its formula, so will we.” …

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Hit the potty, kid … diapers cost money!

October 7, 2011

Punch line: In tough economic times you gotta cut back, right?

Some parents are simply lengthening the time between their kids’ diaper changes.


And, it’s penny wise – pound foolish … just raises the home’s decibel level and the ointment bill.

Excerpted from WSJ : Cut Back Diapers

As the economy continues to sputter, recent data show diaper sales are slowing and sales of diaper-rash ointment are rising.

Diapering a child six times a day costs about $1,500 a year, so it isn’t hard to see how it could become a burden on families dealing with chronic unemployment or struggling to cover rising costs.

Meantime, sales of diaper-rash ointment have increased 8% over the past year and pediatricians say the higher sales likely reflect either less frequent changes or a shift to lower quality diapers.

A pediatrician at Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group in Chicago, says she has seen a 5% to 10% spike in diaper-rash cases this year.

“We’re definitely seeing major effects of the economy: Diapers are very expensive, and the longer you sit in a dirty diaper, the more likely the chances of an infection.”

P&G says the new “wetness indicator” on Pampers Swaddlers has saved his family unnecessary diaper changes because “you don’t have to take the diaper off. You can just see the indicator, and you know if the baby is wet.”

P&G says its research shows parents are also potty training children earlier to save cash as economic uncertainty deepens.

Wonder if the wetness indicator was inspired by the pop-up that tells you when the T-Day turkey is ready?

Thanks to DM for feeding the lead.

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