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McBaguette, s’il vous plait …

March 5, 2012

Punch line: Is Mickey D. is going haute cuisine? No, not really.  The Mickster is just sticking a burger on baguette and charging the French a premium price.  Mon dieu.

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Excerpted from the WSJ “To Tailor Burgers for France, McDonald’s Enlists Baguett”

In France the fast-food giant is gearing up to offer a burger served on baguette, part of a wider effort to add more locally inspired fare to its menu and attract more upscale diners.

McDonald’s restaurants across France will test the McBaguette — a burger topped with French-made Emmental cheese and mustard.

The promotion is in line with the  company’s successful global strategy of updating its restaurants to appeal to a broader clientele, while offering a more varied menu, up and down the price scale.

In France that involves tapping into a national obsession: bread.

  • 98% of French people eat bread every day.
  • The French each consume about 55 kilograms (a21 pounds)of bread a year.
  • 65% of the two billion sandwiches sold each year in France are baguette-based.

The McBaguette will be sold for €4.50, more than a euro above the average price of a sandwich in France.

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Ken’s Take: “Obsession with bread”?  I thought the French were obsessed with something else.  Live and learn …

Thanks to AGC

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