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Does sex sell? Just ask GoDaddy … or, watch this year’s Super Bowl

January 26, 2012

USA Today reports …

Thirty-some advertisers will spend upwards of $230 million just for the airtime to fight for attention in the Feb. 5 game.

At stake: the eyeballs of more than 100 million Super Bowl viewers. And the urgent need to drive all of them online to find out more, socialize and tweet with friends and ultimately buy that beer, smartphone or luxury car.

Sexy ads are slinking back to the Super Bowl.

No company has used sexual imagery more shamelessly on the Super Bowl than GoDaddy.

“We set the standard of indecency,” jokes CEO Parsons, who takes special pride in being widely accused of single-handedly bringing down the tone of Super Bowl advertising.

Truth be told, the action in each GoDaddy ad is just a big tease to get folks to go online and find out more about the company that people use to register domain names and host websites.

The ploy, which GoDaddy has used for eight consecutive Super Bowls, works ridiculously well.

But. some researchers have found that spots with sexual imagery take a 10% hit in “likability” vs. ads without racy images.

They conclude that most viewers actually prefer to see ads with kids or animals.

Yeah, right.

Watch the vid .. then you decide.

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