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Chihuahua turning over in grave … Taco Bell heads upscale.

June 7, 2012

First, the bad news … you may have missed it, but Ginger the Taco Bell Chihuahua died a couple of years ago … 2009 to be precise … here’s the obit.

The bug-eyed dog who pitched 2 tacos for 99 cents  must be turning over in her grave.

     click to view Ginger pitching


Well, according to the APTaco Bell, is going upscale.

The chain plans to rollout “gourmet Mexican” menu additions created by celebrity chef Lorena Garcia … venturing onto the turf of Chipotle  and Qdoba which are known for higher-quality ingredients.

It’s a departure from such standards as tacos, burritos and chalupas that Taco Bell’s core young-adult customers crave.

But, the Cantina Bell line could find a niche between Taco Bell’s less-expensive core items and the more-expensive fare at Mexican restaurants such as Chipotle and Qdoba.

The menu additions are bigger than the chain’s regular burritos … and will  take a bigger bite out of the wallet: The Cantina Burrito Bowl and Cantina Burrito, offered with chicken or steak, will sell for nearly $5 apiece.

Taco Bell executives acknowledged that the push for quality will draw some skepticism. … especially following a yearlong sales slump stemming from a  lawsuit that raised questions about its meat filling.

Ken’s Take:

(1) C’mon man, you’re Taco Bell!

(2) Next, they’ll start using real meat.

(3) No quiero, Taco Bell … if it’s going upscale.

I’m taking the under on this repositioning.

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