How to sway the “none-of-the-above” voters …

According to pollster Frank Luntz

“It’s not the low-information “undecideds” who will determine the election, it’s the “none-of-the-above voter”who knows lot about both candidates and doesn’t like either one.”

These folks have deeply held opinions about what they want and expect from the next President.

They can’t stomach the choice between “crude” and “corrupt” … a decision with no good outcome.”


Luntz concludes that these none-of-the-above voters have eight core hot buttons …


According to Luntz:

1) They want a unifier—not a divider.

Undecided voters are already fed up with the petulantly partisan appeals and obsessive negativity.

They’ll tell you that they’re voting for the candidate with the best ideas. But they’re really voting for the one who they believe is most “on their side.”


2) ‘The system is rigged. The process is broken.

The candidate perceived to be most likely to blow up the political process — and the special interests who fund it—is the candidate most likely to earn their support.


3) They crave more choices.

“Don’t we deserve better than a choice between the lesser of two evils?”

If Gary Johnson gets more media attention, he could become a factor in this race.”


4) Character is more important than policy.

Partisans prioritize ideology over personality … “undecideds” care much more about integrity and accountability.

They seek leaders who “say what they mean and mean what they say”.


5) Candor counts—a lot.

Much of Donald Trump’s appeal stems from his willingness to say just about anything to just about anyone at just about any time.

Conversely, Hillary Clinton’s manically scripted presentation is a real turnoff to voters desperately searching for truth and authenticity.

Undecided voters want to know what candidates truly think – on the fly.


6) They want to dream again.

None-of-the-above voters fundamentally believe America’s best days aren’t ahead of it, but behind it.

But, these voters would still rather fight for the America they believe in than give up and go home.


7) What will be done on Day One?

Undecideds want their eventual presidential hopeful to deliver meaningful change, not meaningless sound bites.

The first presidential priority matters even more to swing voters than principle … policy only matters to partisans.


8) They are digital.

Voters now spend twice as much time online as they do in front of the television — and they pay far more attention to what they read online than what they see on TV.

Undecided voters reflexively reject TV ads and deeply rehearsed, stale network appearances.

Online empowers them to compare, contrast and fact-check—with access to a diverse abundance of information.


My take:

Crude is fixable, corrupt isn’t … advantage Trump

1) “On my side” will beat “unifier” … toss-up based on partisan viewpoint

2) “Rigged system” has solid traction … advantage Trump

3) “More choices” … watch more GOP go Gary Johnson and more Dems to go Green … 3rd party candidates won’t win the election, but may decide the outcome

See What if disaffected Bernie fans go Green or Libertarian?

4) “Say what they mean” … Trump needs details & discipline; Hillary needs to stop lying … good luck to both.

5) “Candor counts” … advantage Trump (except when it’s a disadvantage)

6) “Dream again” … “Make America Great Again” is compelling … but, it’s hard to compete against “free”

7) “Day 1” … TPP will be center stage … either pushing it or killing it … it’ll become a campaign focus.  Neither “the wall” nor amnesty will be deliverable in the 1st 100 days.

8) “Digital” … Hillary wins on Facebook, Trump on Twitter … this may be the 1st election determined in 140 characters or less.


Article is worth browsing : Frank Luntz: The Myth of the Undecided Voter



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